Holly accompanied me to appointments when I was newly diagnosed.  She asked the appropriate questions and explained things in a way I could understand.  She gave me peace of mind during a terrifying time.  I highly recommend her to anyone newly diagnosed with cancer.

L.B. Gananda NY

Before I had Holly Williamson as my advocate and guide through the confusing medical system I really didn't know what I didn't know. I didn't know what questions to ask to get the information I needed to navigate the system and to take care of myself. Doctor visits were either rushed or too filled with lengthy medical jargon I didn't understand. Having Holly with me during doctor visits to ask the right questions and share her expertise with me calmed my anxieties and instilled confidence that I had all the necessary information I needed to make informed decisions about my medical procedures. She is not shy about confronting issues that aren't clear or are evasive.

Shirley Davis

Holly Williamson accompanied me to a recent visit to the ER. I was in a lot of pain. It was comforting having Holly by my side. She helped me ask the right questions to the doctors and made sure I left the ER feeling comfortable with my diagnosis and prescriptions. I would highly recommend Holly Williamson as a patient advocate.

Julie D.

Holly taught me how to navigate the insanely convoluted healthcare system. She encouraged me when I was frustrated and scared, and she was a strong voice for me when my concerns were initially ignored by various doctors. Holly instructed me as to how to successfully get the care I needed and to auspiciously speak up for myself --- not only to survive but to thrive!  Before I spoke with Holly, my initial oncologist appointment was scheduled six long weeks out --- a timeframe that could have proved deadly, because I have since I learned that I had an uncommonly aggressive strain of cancer. After speaking with Holly, she guided me through getting an oncology consult just 48 hours later with an outstanding, compassionate, top-notch doctor. Holly taught me how to advocate for myself and for other loved ones facing difficult healthcare decisions.  I would strongly recommend her to everyone.  I was shocked at how nuanced, tricky, and unreasonable the healthcare field could be. I even had really good health insurance, but the medical professions are weighted down with broken, cumbersome protocols and impersonal statistical approaches that are not always in the best interests of the patients' wellbeing, which is why Holly is so necessary. Holly coached me through getting the very best care at the very best price. 

JB, Macedon, NY