Your life is valuable and I want to help you get the best health care you can.

Phone Consultation


I offer a complimentary initial phone consultation to make sure I can help you.  Once we determine I am a good fit for you, then there is an assessment. 



This is a 1-2 hour appointment which includes reviewing your medical records, coming up with an action plan, discussing how I can best meet your needs.  


Price Varies

Fees vary based on what services you need from me.  I will put together a contract detailing how I can best meet your needs.  If you decide to work with me, I will deduct the $100 assessment fee from our overall project total.

While the IRS has not ruled on whether or not private patient advocacy fees can be deducted from your taxes, many clients have deducted the fees successfully.  Also, many clients are able to successfully submit the services from their FSA/HSA accounts.